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About Us is an eCommerce company based in Chengdu which is dedicated on offering AUTHENTIC western and imported foods to the expats living in China and those who loving authentic and high quality western foods. 


'Gathering The Best' is not only a slogan, but also a basic standard of products selection and internal management principle. All products appeared on our website should pass our strict internal criteria, the procedures of product selection guaranteed the best quality of them all, in despite of the cost sometimes. We just simply want to bring the BEST products to our customers, that's our mission.


Now we can offer over 2,000 products with high quality including Dairy, meats, canned foods, beverages, wines, condiments and spices, etc. We started this business since 2012, and now become one of the biggest online food supermarket for expats in west of China due to the supports of our customers and the efforts of our team.



'GREAT' is the sense of worth of our company, and it is the acronym of Green, Responsible, Easy, Authentic, Trust. 



The Earth, our home, the one and only in the universe, we will do all what we can do to protect the earth and the environment we live in. Our promise is that all the materials we using are green and harmless to the environment, like packing materials, tools, etc.



As a company, we actively take part in social affairs, we had donated for some charities, like Hopeful Heart for ill and poor children from the mountainous area of western China, CRDF (Chinese Relief & Development Foundation) for changing the poverty, etc. 



We never stop improving the convenience for our customers. No matter where you are and when you want, you can get high quality foods just by simply clicking your mouse or moving your fingers on the phone, foods will be delivered to your door quickly. And you don't have to worry about no Chinese debit card, or any language problem, we provide end-to-end English service,also, we accept COD (cash on delivery) and foreign currency via paypal. In addition, we provide unconditional return & refund service to avoid any worries. Life should be so easy and convenient, just enjoy it. 




Our customers are from everywhere in the world. In order to make them having the taste of home, all foods are authentic in good quality, we don't serve the localized western foods. Sometimes the materials of foods are local, but the flavour are still western style. 



The relationship we had built with our customers till today is a friend-friend relationship rather than a supplier-customer relationship, there wasn't any trust problems happened till today, we enjoy it and will keep it going.