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Frozen Vietnam Fish Fillet (avg. 620-650g/pack)
Unit: 1 piece
Preservation: Frozen
Origin: Vietnam

¥ 28.50

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Name: Frozen Vietnam Fish Fillet


NetWeight: Approx(avg. 620-650g/pack)

  • The basa fish (Pangasius bocourti) is a species of catfish in the family Pangasiidae. It is a type of catfish native to Vietnam and Thailand and sometimes referred to as the river cobbler, swai, pangasius or bocourti.
  • Basa fish fillets are low in calories, as a 100-gram fillet contains 90 calories. This amount comprises just 4.5 percent of the daily suggested calorie intake of 2,000. If you're dieting, basa fillets can be a good choice.
  • Basa fillets are also rich in protein, as a 100-gram fillet contains 14 grams. This amount is more than twice the protein in an egg, but a basa fillet contains 50 fewer calories than two eggs would provide.
  • Its mild taste and white flesh are complemented by a variety of flavors, although heavy spices or sauces will overpower its taste. It can be prepared by baking, broiling, grilling and pan-frying.