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'A' Grade Beef Filet Tenderloin about 250g (¥45.00/200g)
Unit: 250g
Preservation: Frozen
Origin: China

¥ 56.50

Quantity: - +


Beef Filet Tenderloin is the most tender part of the beef taken from cows raised in the natural environment of renowned Khorchin Grassland. Since it is the tenderest part of the animal, beef dishes requiring exceptionally tender meat,such as steak tartare, are ideally made from the tenderloin.

Cows are free-ranging flocks and feed with fine quality forage without anychemical residual or hormone.

It's taken from first class part of cow with high quality, original from the expert supplier who has attained a number of international certifications,and adopted modern raising technologies and managerial concepts. They own the international intelligence production line.

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