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Danish Camembert Cheese 125g
Unit: 125g
Origin: Denmark

¥ 32.00

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Named for the idyllic countryside town in Normandy, France where it originated back in the 18th century, Camembert is a soft-ripened cow's mild cheese with an ivory-coloured exterior and creamy, buttery center. Like its close sister, Brie cheese, it has a strong flavour thanks to its edible, bloomy rind that's treated with a specific type of mold during the aging process. 

Camembert cheese make a great addition to any cheese board. It can also serve as the centerpiece of a cheese plate that includes several different accompaniments. First, be sure to let the cheese come to room temperature. Cold temperatures mute flavours and aromas and keep textures firm and waxy. Letting the cheese warm up a bit will give you the most delicious eating experience. 

Remove the cheese from the fridge 30 minutes to one hour before you plan to serve it. 

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