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Frozen Chicken Drumsticks x3 pieces (about 460g)
Unit: 3 pieces
Preservation: Frozen
Origin: China

¥ 16.50

Quantity: - +


100% all natural, minimally processed with no artificial ingredients. Chicken drumsticks contains up to 12% chicken broth,salt, natural flavorings.

Net Weight: Approx 460g

Origin: Chengdu

Storage: Store at  ≦-18℃


Chicken are processed without any chemical additive or hormone, and they are in a strict & scientific breeding standard.

Every chicken are feeding on fine quality grain so that the meat is more tender and easy digestible.

Higher protein and lower fat provide more healthy diet for body-building groups and whole family members.

It's taken from first class chicken with high quality, original from the expert supplier who has attained a number of international certifications, and adopted modern raising technologies and managerial concepts.

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